Bill Danenhauer: Sideline Power Employee of the Year – 2020

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Bill Danenhauer: Sideline Power Employee of the Year – 2020

Greenwood, NE – Bill Danenhauer is one of those guys who puts everything he has into everything he does. “He’s an absolute power house,” commented Matt Starr, CEO of Sideline Power, “he works hard and is always having a good time.” Danenhauer came to Sideline Power from CoachComm in late 2018. With a storied history in athletics and coaching, plus experience in headset sales, Danenhauer was solid fit for helping programs find the best gear to fit their needs.

Danenhauer’s primary focus is on the athletic programs in the Southwest United States, with a heavy emphasis on Texas. “He has done a phenomenal job of expanding our client base in the Southwest region,” commented VP of Sales, Marc Sheil, “he logged over 3000 calls in 2020. That’s a lot of programs contacted.”  The results show just how successful Danenhauer’s efforts are, setting the all-time annual record for most orders in the state of Texas.  Additionally, Danenhauer’s hard work in the Southwest helped build 5 record breaking sales months, which is the largest number of record-breaking months in the history of Sideline Power. “I enjoy coming to work,” muses Danenhauer, “it’s like spending time with family. I’ve been in positions where there is a lot of animosity between co-workers. Sideline Power fosters a culture of comradery and teamwork. It’s really great to be part of that.”

Along with a record-breaking sales year, Danenhauer initiated a rapidly growing Sideline Power web series, “Ballin’ With Bill.” Every week, Danenhauer sits down with a different coach to talk football. With more and more interactions going virtual in 2020, “Ballin’ With Bill” worked on getting helpful pointers, tips, and tricks to coaches across the country. Visit to get in on the action.

With all of his success in 2020, Danenhauer says the thing he wants to focus on in 2021 is learning more about the technical side of the products he promotes. “I know how to use all the equipment, but sometimes coaches ask really technical questions. Luckily, we have a great tech support team, but I really want to take point and be able to answer those questions myself.”

To connect with Bill Danenhauer and learn more about the products Sideline Power offers, visit, email, or call 800-496-4290.

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