NEW– Porta Phone TD900hd 7-Coach System – Dual Channel


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The Porta Phone TD 900HD Double Channel series set a new standard for high school, college and university coaching staffs. They provide two channels of communication allowing Offensive and Defensive personnel to talk separately along with switching capability for the Head Coach and Coordinator.

All TD 900HD utilize a digital wireless technology known as Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping. This special operating system “spreads” transmission across a section of the 900 MHz band instead of occupying just a single frequency. The headsets constantly monitor the air and switch to a clear operating channel whenever necessary. This switching sequence happens automatically without any action required by the coaches and guarantees freedom from interference.

The superior transmitting power provided by 900 MHz digital radio signals also set The TD 900HD apart from any wireless on the market. This means that when faced with overcoming the many challenges associated with larger press boxes, including tinted pressbox glass and concrete, TD 900HD wireless headsets will come through loud and clear.


  • 3 OFF, 3 DEF, 1 HC w/Switch
  • 2 Double TD 900HD Headsets
  • 4 Single TD 900HD Headsets
  • 1 Single Headset w/Switch
  • Batteries & Multi-Charger
  • Large Case w/Foam


Out of stock