4’x5′ Modular Strength Record Board…any layout you need.


Strength Boards are a great way to help motivate your athletes by acknowledging individual fitness records.

They are durable, and the design will be customized to your school’s needs.

DISPLAYS DEPTH UP TO 4 DEEP FOR ALL POSITIONS ON THE TEAM – ONE OFFENSE AND ONE DEFENSE DEPTH CHART EACH 33”X45”–Displays all offense (inc. off. special team) positions on one board and all defense (inc. def.special teams) on the other. DRY ERASE.


  • Every board is custom designed and made with commercial-grade materials that hold up in all conditions… including harsh conditions outdoors year round. You won’t find a more carefully made product.
  • Finishes come in gloss or matt.
  • All record boards will require updating when records are broken. We provide you with a fast turn around and updates that perfectly fit and match your printed records. These vinyl tags are so exact, you will have to touch them to know they were added later.
  • Every board is guaranteed with a 10-year pro-rated warranty against fading cracking, peeling or bubbling. All products are made with the highest quality commercial grade materials that stand up to all conditions inside or outside.