Sideline Power Teams Up with CoachComm

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Sideline Power Teams Up with CoachComm

Greenwood, NE – Sideline Power, the #1 Choice for Coaching Communication, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with CoachComm. Adding the Cobalt and Cobalt PLUS headsets to the wide variety of coaching headsets already offered through Sideline Power streamlines the process of finding and purchasing headsets. “Cobalt and Cobalt PLUS are phenomenal products and, personally, I’m thrilled to add them into our current headset lineup,” stated Matt Starr, CEO of Sideline Power. CoachComm Owner, Peter Amos, commented, “With a shared vision and a long-term commitment to providing the very best in coaching communication, Sideline Power will be a valued CoachComm partner in offering coaches greater choice and better value in headsets, player communications, and practice solutions.”

For more than 30 years, CoachComm has brought leading-edge products to the game, and Cobalt is a continuation of that trend. The Cobalt line of headsets provide worry-free and reliable communications with exceptional sound quality and industry leading technology. With a foundation of dependability and durability, CoachComm’s products are user-friendly while continuing to use the most innovative technology. “CoachComm is a big name in the headset industry,” said Marc Sheil, VP of Sales for Sideline Power. “The Cobalt and Cobalt PLUS headsets have a solid foundation in the coaching industry. Adding them to our product line up is a major benefit.” CoachComm’s Cobalt and Cobalt PLUS products have a broad footprint in all levels of athletic programs. Sideline Power looks to expand the scope of market saturation through high level high school programs. Peter Amos articulates, “The addition of Sideline Power to CoachComm’s existing distribution channel creates an extended team of focused individuals who are dedicated to delivering high-quality communication solutions to the high school market,” Cobalt headsets start out at $599 a Coach and include the popular SmartBoom PRO headsets with convenient flip-up boom to mute the mic technology. Without the need for a base station, Cobalt provides a compact, weather-resistant communications tool that allows two channels of communication with unlimited users. For expanded performance, Cobalt PLUS allows up to 6 different channels with an easy-to-use interface.

For more information, or to request a quote for Cobalt, Cobalt PLUS, or any of the headsets offered by Sideline Power, visit, call 800.496.4290, or email

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