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Matt Starr – CEO

Starting at a young age, Matt’s dad always told him, ͞”If you start something, you always finish it. Matt internalized this concept and turned it into a competitive spirit that has seen a paramount of success in all of his endeavors throughout his life. Matt’s winning attitude has seen Sideline Power grow from a single product line being sold out of his basement, to a multi-million-dollar enterprise headquartered in his hometown of Greenwood, Nebraska. Although he works two jobs, coaches basketball, heads up the Village Board of Directors, AND creates ample amounts of time for his three kids, the most stressful thing for Matt is a derelict yard. ͞I believe you can tell a lot about a person from how well they take care of their yard. When my yard isn’t green, or I have weeds, it stresses me out more than anything. To alleviate lawn stress, Matt likes to hide Styrofoam headset mannequin heads around the house for his wife Jackie to find. In yard care, success might mean a weed-free, green lawn, but in business, Matt loves helping coaches win. His biggest motivation is knowing he helped a program achieve success and making sure each customer is 100% satisfied in the products with which they have been matched.

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Jackie Starr – VP of Operations

Jackie has always known the value of hard work, perseverance, and service to others. Whether pitching in on the farm, balancing employee/customer relations, or caring for those who can no longer care for themselves, Jackie’s attitude of service is a benefit to Sideline Power and all of the Sideline Power customers. Since joining the team in 2012, Jackie has taken ownership of learning all aspects of the business. From refurbishing used equipment to warehousing stock, from order processing to accounts receivable, from shipping to office odds and ends, Jackie can handle it all. Outside of the office, Jackie is indelibly involved with her 3 kids. Appointments, activities, sports, or just getting together with their friends, Jackie makes sure the kids understand they are a priority. Her schedule gets a little hectic, sometimes, so if you ever hear her say, Mommin’ ain’t easy, she’s really just hoping all the kids eat the dinner she prepared without complaining. Her (not-so) favorite surprises are the Styrofoam heads Matt hide’s around the house. ͞I love Styrofoam! – Said no one ever, quips Jackie.

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Marc Sheil – VP of Sales & Marketing

When you think of a stereotypical sales guy, you might envision someone who will promise you anything to gets his commission. For Marc, working at Sideline Power is more than just a paycheck. It is a passion. Don’t let his majestic forest of a beard fool you, he is no isolated mountain man. From his first internship at a large, athletic fieldhouse in Virginia, Marc has been passionate about building solid and long term connections with people. Marc’s biggest motivation is when a coach calls up to offer a testimonial over how a Sideline Power product gave them an advantage in on-field communication or film review. knowing that I helped them get a few more wins, or made their life a little easier, definitely motivates me. Whether he’s customizing an equipment quote suited specifically for a program, or meeting with equipment manufacturers about emerging technology, Marc is always thinking about how to connect people with the technology that will work FOR them. When Marc has down time, he likes to remain active with his girlfriend, playing sports or just getting outside to enjoy the wilderness, where small woodland creatures greet him, cozy up in his magnificent man mane, and play peek-a-boo with his dog, Duke.

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Brett Davis – VP of Support & Service

Probably the most serious of the Sideline Power employees, Brett Davis has a passion for preparation, hard work, and commitment. A consummate teacher and coach, Brett is devoted to helping others on the path to success. Never one to put off until tomorrow what can be done today, Brett is often heard motivating people with an encouraging, Get after it. When he’s not coaching, teaching, or building professional engagement clinics for Sideline Power, Brett enjoys the frenetic pace of a family busy with extracurricular activities. With kids involved with multiple sports and educational activities, Brett hearkens his household to that of the McAllister’s in Home Alone, when everyone is rushing to get out the door to the airport. Even with a frenzied pace, Brett understands that success doesn’t necessarily mean perfection, ͞”If I prepare well and do the best I can, I can live with the results. Even if I fail, that failure will, in turn, bring me closer to success, if I keep the proper perspective.”

Bill Danenhauer – Director of College Sales

What do you get when you cross “the gift of gab” with a “straight shooter?” Well, you get Sideline Power employee Bill Danenhauer. Bill is the epitome of hard work and dedication. Actively involved in athletics from a young age, Bill has played collegiate and professional football, wrestled professionally, and made his career as a Head Football Coach and Athletic Director. Bill will talk your ear off, but won’t feed you a line of “bull.” Bill does everything he can to find the right fit for the customer, but make sure you don’t step out of line or he’s bringing out the spandex and pile drivers.

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Chris Hancock – Drone Specialist / Public Relations Manager

Part tech geek, part used car salesman, part bleeding heart service representative, Chris is truly a unique specimen. His explanations are always feasible, although… they might get revised later on. One thing you can always count on is that this drone specialist won’t stop working until your problem is 100% resolved. Being a perpetual seeker of knowledge, Chris always welcomes a challenging question and with an annoying fondness for the word absolutely, there isn’t a technical issue he won’t tackle. Currently, Chris spends an inordinate amount of time flying (and crashing) drones in order to learn more about them. A father to two raucous boys, when he’s not working, Chris enjoys spending time guiding his kids on how to be leaders for good in their community. If you need drone support, a dad joke, or a bad pun, get a hold of Chris. Chances are you’ll get all three.

Andrew Benner
Sales Assistant
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Gary Ritnour
Sales Assistant
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Cory Washburn
Sales & Support Assistant
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Larry Thexton
Texas Area Rep
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Joe Kolodziej
North Carolina Rep
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Stephen Giordano
New England Area Rep
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Margo Starr – Inspector

Standing 6’5 (when she’s trying to snag the hamburger out of your hands), and weighing in at 150 pounds, alllll the wayyy from South Carolinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Sideline Power’s security expert extraordinaire, MARGO STARR!! The only employee who will steal your food off the table and then immediately beg you for ear scratches, Margo is in charge of inspecting all shipments received and sent at Sideline Power. While she made a career out of being a professional headset model, Margo is now working on giving customer service with a smile. A self-proclaimed lap dog, when Margo is not working, she likes to cuddle, watch football, and nap.