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“Love my headsets. Sideline Power has been awesome to deal with. Thank you Sideline Power.”

Jeff Gross
Head Football Coach
McCook High School
McCook, NE

“The response to service requests has always been amazing, Sideline Power clearly understands the urgency in responding quickly, especially in-season. The price we got on the “trade-in” deal this off season, for the set of four new headsets, was really good! Much less expensive than we expected”

Toby Wade
San Marcos Academy
San Marcos, TX

“We have been very pleased with Sideline Power. From the products we have purchased to the service and support we have received, Sideline Power has been a great choice for our program.”

Bob Locker
Head Football Coach
Warwick High School, PA

“I love our headsets!  Headsets working is no longer a worry of ours.  We always have clear and reliable communication with our HME headsets.”  

Justin Burke
Head Football Coach
Chaparral High School
Anthony, KS

“Sideline Power was great to work with when we were looking for new headsets. They provided us great service up to and after our purchase. If you are looking for a new system, I highly recommend Sideline Power.”

Drew Clevenger
Head Football Coach
St. Ansgar High School, IA

“We have been very pleased with our headset system.  They are light, clear and I love the hands free talk system.  I was also really pleased with the quick delivery and service when we finalized our order with Sideline Power.”

Rick Nordhues
Head Football Coach
Syracuse High School, NE

“Everything you guys have done for us has been excellent! We had a headset brake and we got our new ones the same week, in time for our next game!”

Colin Schurman
Stuart High School
Stuart, NE

“MV-Headsets have eliminated all communication issues that we had with previous headsets. Easy to set-up, MULTIVOICE got it right with these headsets!! Thank You Sideline Power for providing us with this excellent option!”

Edwin Garcia
John B Alexander High School
Laredo, TX

“At Waco High School, we have struggled with quality sideline communication for years. This previous season we experimented with your product from MULTIVOICE. We found your product to be an improvement from previous suppliers and the 24/7 customer service was unprecedented. To be told “we will make it right” is not what is heard in your industry very often. To carry out your promise was extremely impressive. We love the easy set up and the multiple configurations your system provides and highly recommend Sideline Power’s MULTIVOICE Audible to other coaches in the market.”

Marty Herbst
Waco High School
Waco, TX

“We needed new headsets after game 2, Sideline power responded by noon on Saturday, and by Monday, we had new phones shipped and received by Thursday am.  Matt and his staff, supplied us with a great product that will benefit our program into the future.”

Kent VanOverschelde
Head Football Coach
Mitchell High School, SD

“Our new head sets are a great addition to our sideline communication system!  We are a small rural program with limited resources, but the functionality, cost and the quality of this system helps us to keep up with the larger schools in our league.  I highly recommend this system to any program, large or small and Sideline Power are the guys you want on your team.”

Jim Fletcher, OC
Cardston Cougars
Cardston High School
Alberta, Canada

“Excellent headset package for high school coaching staff.”

Wayne McGinnis
Oak Grove High School
Oak Grove, MO

“Sideline power provides the tools any coach needs for a successful program at an excellent price.”

Joseph Casale
Head Football Coach
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies
Playa Del Rey, CA

“The Bigfoot sound system has been an outstanding addition to our practices and pre-game. The all in one design is very functional, and easy to use!”

Rusty Purser
Head Football Coach
Taylor High School
Taylor, TX

“The drones were a comparable price to electronic stores selling drones. The value was the package and customer service. I got all of the accessories needed without shopping around. The hard case is a great accessory to protect our drones. The extra batteries are a must. One of our batteries came is wrong (phantom battery instead of Mavic Pro). Our rep was quick to correct the situation. The customer service was top notch through out. It was a long process because we wanted to make sure that the video was compatible with our video system. We got sample clips on an SD card and were able to upload the clips before we bought the drones.”

Scott McDowell
Butler University
Indianapolis, IN

“Sideline Power and Matt Starr have been great to work with.  When we were looking at new headsets, Matt shipped out both sets for us to try out prior to making our purchase.   Whenever we had any trouble with our headsets Matt has responded many times with in the same day and helped remedy the problem.  Sideline Power will be the first call we make when we are ready to replace headsets in the future.”

Verlan Nikkel-Asst Coach
Pella Christian Football
Pella, Iowa

“I really like the simplicity of the new system.  Battery removal, charging and re-installation are easy and quick.  Battery life & overall audio clarity of this system is excellent compared to our previous system. I’m very satisfied with the purchase of our new system.  THANKS for all of your help, understanding and cooperation!”

Bill Santilli
Head Coach
Crystal Falls Forest Park High School
Crystal Falls, MI

“We have been nothing but pleased with our new wireless headsets provided through Sideline Power. Their commitment to the customer is second to none and they are always available to help you with anything that you need to make Friday nights go smooth. I would highly recommend Sideline Power to any program that is wanting to enhance their Friday night communication.”

Ryan Thompson
Head Football Coach

Ashland-Greenwood High School
Ashland, NE