DX340 Football Headset System from HME stands up to just about anything the game of football can dish out, with its impact and weather resistant case, crystal clear sound, and easy operation guaranteed to give you the winning edge!

HME’s DX340 System links you and your coaches throughout the game in secure, two-way, conversation. The basic “Two-Up/Three-Down” configuration allows up to five coaches to communicate simultaneously in hands-free mode. The system can be easily expanded by connecting additional MB340 or EB340 base stations. HME’s DX340 also supports up to 20 coaches in push-to-talk shared mode.

With football coaching headsets from HME, you can improve sideline communications, press box communication, and ensure that all your hard work preparing for the big game pays off. Join the growing list of football coaches using the HME DX340 football headset system.