The Raven is like no other End Zone camera system.

Professionally designed and manufactured in the U.S. with features found with no other system.

Proven for over 20 years to be Safe, Sturdy ,Stable, Reliable and Easy to use.

Functions & Specifications

  • User friendly – easy to set up & operate
  • Multi-Channel Variable Speed Control
  • One handle direct control – quick response Pan-Tilt system
  • Four thrust bearing surfaces for smooth operation
  • Telescoping tower mast with safety locking pins
  • Camera remote control – dual variable speed zoom
  • Color LCD action monitor on independent platform
  • Adjustable “Posi-Lock” control handle
  • Strong and stable base system with rotatable element
  • Aluminum Channel Legs with over 9′ Spread
  • Complete system breaks down for easy transport
  • Safely operated from ground level

BASIC: Includes Sony Camera

Advanced: Includes Canon Camera