EVS35 – Complete setup with Canon Camera


The EVS35 combines the best of all our telescoping towers. Not only is it a towering 35 feet tall, but it also has the portable base that is our sturdiest ever while also being the easiest to move around. This school sports video equipment combines high levels of durability with versatility and ease of use.


  • 25 Ft Mast/Tripod Combo
  • Winch System
  • Patented Pan/Tilt System
  • Custom Cables
  • EVS Remote/Handle
  • 7 Inch LCD Monitor
  • Extended Life Battery
  • Protective Hard Case for Electronics
  • Wheels

Complete setup includes

  • Tower Tripod
  • Travel Case
  • Camera
  • Collar with Arm
  • Extended Battery
  • Rain Gear



  • 1 year unrestricted comprehensive coverage warranty
  • Covers all damages/malfunctions and all shipping costs
  • Quick turnaround
  • Replacements sent immediately upon proof of shipment
  • Covers all parts of the endzone camera (camera itself subject to Tier selection) – tripod, cables, batteries, remotes, LCD monitor, etc


  • Tier 1 Does not cover camera
  • Tier 2 Covers Camera – provides a Sony replacement for any camera issue. Plan is renewable after the first year.

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