HME DX300 Headsets – 1 up 4 All-in-one Headsets


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Used 1 up 4 down All-in-One Headsets –  HME DX300 System set in good shape!

DX300 Football Headset System from HME stands up to just about anything the game of football can dish out, with its impact and weather resistant case, crystal clear sound, and easy operation guaranteed to give you the winning edge!

HME’s DX300 System links you and your coaches throughout the game in secure, two-way, conversation. The configuration allows up to five coaches to communicate simultaneously in hands-free mode. The system can be easily expanded by connecting additional MB300 or EB300 base stations. HME’s DX300 also supports up to 20 coaches in push-to-talk shared mode. This system is a 4 down setup and 1 connected to the box up top.


-MB300 Dual channel base stations
-4 HME All-in-One Headsets
-(1) HS15 Single Muff Headsets
-HME Charger
-(1) AC Power Supply to use for charger or Base
-Padded case
***used headsets are purchase with a 30 Day Warranty.  All headsets have been tested and in good working condition.

Testing Results:

Age if the system – 3-6 yrs old
Headset Condition -Good
Beltpac/Base Condition – NA
Clearness Test – Good
Range Test – Good
Durability Condition – Good
Overall Grading – 7 – Good Condition

Out of stock