HME EB300 – Extended Base


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Refurbished EB300 – Extended Base to add to the MB300 to add 3 more Full Duplex

The EB300 expands the DX300 system’s reach without requiring a second MB300 Base Station. Coaches can still configure talking patterns so they speak exclusively to the defense or offense, or confer with all coaches during special teams play. For more elaborate game plans, the system can be configured to work in dual channel mode for separate offense and defense channels, or single channel for more simultaneous wireless talkers. Most importantly, the new EB300 allows coaches to greatly expand the number of users for less than half the price of having to purchase a second base station.



-EB300 Extended Base
-Y Cable
-2 Antennas

Testing Results:

Age of product – 1-3 yrs old
Overall Grading – 8 – Good Condition

2 in stock

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