The CoachPad


The CoachPad™ is an efficient way to prepare scout cards for practice, whether that is loading a PDF from a drawing software you currently use (Hudl Practice Scripts, JustPlay, Visio, PowerPoint, etc) or by drawing them all by hand.  No more stuffing a binder full of clear vinyl sheets! Ever have a card drawn wrong or wanted to modify the play?  The CoachPad™ allows you to erase and redraw easier than ever outdoors on either a PDF or hand drawn card.


  • Paper-like feel and interchangeable templates allow you to draw scout cards or take clinic notes all on one device
  • Use as an E-reader, so all the coaching books you have as a file or on amazon kindle can be accessed
  • Hold a ‘live’ meeting using Dropbox to display your handwritten drawings on a big screen
  • Send and receive documents directly to the device
  • Wifi and bluetooth capabilities
  • Transfer files wirelessly
  • Syncs to Dropbox

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