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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own computer?
Yes. We can install Reveal on your computer. We sell pre-configured systems to save you the headache of having to set it up yourself.
Can I use my own camera?

Yes. Reveal works with a lot of different cameras, and we’re always adding new camera interfaces and capture devices. If your video camera has HD-SDI or HMDI output it should work. You can also film with any iPad, iPhone, or an Android device (4.3 and newer).
There are a lot of different video capture devices on the market. These fall into two general classes:

  1. Direct video capture to a computer. Direct video capture devices record the output from the video camera directly to the hard disk of a computer. This requires a cable to connect the camera to the capture device and another cable to connect the capture device to the computer.
  2. IP / Network video capture. IP or network video capture devices convert the camera video output to a stream that can be sent over a network. The video clips are captured by computer on the same network. The computer does not need to be directly connected to the video camera.

Is there a yearly fee?

Yes. The annual fee includes the software license, updates, and the level of support you choose.
How reliable is the Wi-Fi connection in Reveal?

Reveal uses commercial grade outdoor wifi equipment that is very robust. The wifi equipment is designed to provide secure, reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity with minimal interference from cell phones and other RF signals. The gear is made for outdoor use, so there is no problem operating Reveal in the rain or snow. Our customers regularly use Reveal in snow and sub-zero temperatures.
We offer wifi systems that operate at either 5GHz or 2.4GHz. In most cases, we recommend using 5GHz wifi since there are fewer devices using 5GHz wifi channels and there is generally less interference. Reveal systems have been used without a problem at venues like the X-Games and Winter Olympics where there are a lot of high powered wireless television and communications systems in use.

What is Sideline Replay?
Sideline replay is a video system that lets football coaches and players watch instant replay on the sidelines in practice or during High School football games. Sideline replay systems like Reveal from Insight Replay, stream video replays over wi-fi to iPads and televisions on the sidelines and in the press box.
What is NFHS Football Rule 1612?

NFHS Football Rule 1612 covers Coaches’ Field Equipment, including communication equipment like iPads and other devices that can play video clips. In the 2014 NFHS Football Rules Book, Rule says
“Communication devices including but not limited to audio recorder, Local Area Network (LAN) phones and/or headsets, mobile phones, still photograph(s), film, analog or digital video(s) and/or Internet depictions may be used by coaches and nonplayers.”
Is sideline replay legal in high school and college football games?
NFHS Football Rule Coaches’ Field Equipment was changed in 2013 to permit the use of video during games. Check with your state association to see if it’s allowed where you play.

 NCAA rules do not permit the use of video during games.
How soon can I see video in the Reveal software?
The average 12-15 second clip is ready to watch in about 5 seconds.
Can I filter offense and defense plays?
Yes. Reveal lets you tag each clip and filter by tag. Setup your tags the way that makes sense to you and it will be easy to find the clips you need when you need them.
What happens to the video after the game?
All video is saved to your computer. An entire season will fit easily on your laptop. After a game you can filter and export clips to a zip file. Reveal uses the time+date+event+tags to create unique, easy to read file names.
Can I upload my video from Reveal to Hudl?
Yes. Export all of your clips and upload to Hudl, Dropbox, or whatever service you use. Clips are already encoded in H.264 for the web.
Will an iPad work in the End Zone or Far side of the field?

Yes, you should be able to use iPads in the endzone and on the far side of the field. iPads have pretty good built-in wifi antennas. With Reveal, iPads usually have a range of 100 to 150 yards from the base station. Smaller devices like iPhones and other smartphones have a shorter range of about 50 yards because they have smaller, less powerful built-in wifi antennas.
There are a lot of factors that can impact your wireless range. These include:
Physical obstructions like trees and buildings.
Topography – physical contours of the immediate area.
Interference from other radio frequency (RF) systems such as cell towers, other wifi networks, and emergency communications equipment.
To maximize the range of your system, it’s best to elevate the base station and keep clear line of sight to the main areas where you’ll be using iPads and tablets.