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The Vokkero headsets have made our lives much easier in terms of practice and game day organization. The charging dock allows our staff to grab their personalized headset on the way out to the field each day, and we are able to easily adjust and program each individual device. The headsets require no set-up or testing, and we know they will be ready to go every time we take the field.

Jack Hatem, Head Football Coach At Denison University

Vokkero made the complex decision of what headset company to buy from easy by offering the latest technology and great features like the ability for multiple coaches to be able to switch channels during a game and easy programing. Our sales rep, Dave, Naple, came out to our school twice, once to demo their product and then again to help us setup and test our system once it arrived. Buying through Vokkero has been a quick and easy process.

Ron Rutt, Head Football Coach At Bay High School, Ohio

We are very excited to use our new Vokkero Headsets. They came out and tested the headsets with us in the middle of February, they came back and programmed the headsets, and then gave a tutorial on how to use them. Without a base station, setup and take down will be simple, making for a better Friday night!

Jeff Gough, Head Football Coach At Hudson High School, Ohio

My football crew used the official-to-official communication system last season. The Vokkero support team made set up easy, and the system greatly improved my crew’s communication and efficiency during the game.

Adam, College Football Official: AAC Conference