MULTIVOICE – Audible 900 mHz – 6 Coach System

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Used MULTIVOICE System set in Excellent shape that was trade in to upgrade to the MV-ONE system! MV-AUDIBLE Coach Communication System is free of the limitations of other radios. This system has advanced technology to extend range, filter out interference and provide a secure and stable connection to your entire staff. Within minutes you can have up to 17 coaches talking simultaneously at a range of up to 1300 yards, and, with 18 hours of talk time, it gives you the power you need to succeed.

-6 Audible beltpacks
-6 Headsets
-6 chargers
-1 Padded cases
***used headsets are purchase with NO WARRANTY or GUARANTEE.  All headsets have been tested and in working condition.

Testing Results:

Age if the system – 2-4 yrs old
Headset Condition -Good
Beltpac/Base Condition – Good
Clearness Test – Good
Range Test – Good
Durability Condition – Good
Overall Grading – 7 – Good Condition

2 in stock